Process Design and Development

  • Development of chemical & petrochemical process flow diagrams 
  • Development of P&IDs
  • Process simulations

3D Plant Design

  • Enhanced Plant Layouting
  • Integrated Data Management
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Design Optimization and Space Utilization
  • BIM Integration
  • Material Take-Off for Procurement
  • Construction Planning and Sequencing

Piping Design

  • Hydraulic design
  • Stress Calculations
  • Realistic 3D modeling of pipelines
  • Material take-off
  • Piping overview plans
  • Isometric production

Process Automation

  • Design of system topology
  • Design of signal processing and transmission 
  • Design of cable trays and routing systems
  • Design of PLCs & PSPs
  • Specification for tendering 
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